Fresh Memory
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12. Activation

New in version 1.2.0.

Fresh Memory must be activated after the installation. The activation requires a product key, which is sent by email after purchasing the application.

One purchased license gives an activation for only one computer. There is no restriction how long Fresh Memory can be used after it is purchased. The application can be re-activated on the same computer many times with the same product key. Additional licenses for the same user (or a family, a school) can be bought with a 20% discount. More information can be found in the purchase confirmation email.

12.1. Activating with product key

On the first launch, Fresh Memory will show the Activation dialog. Enter your product number for activation (it can be copied directly from the email).


Activation dialog

Click Activate online button to activate online, using Internet connection.

During the activation, Fresh Memory needs an Internet connection. If you need to activate without Internet, see Offline activation.

The application sends the product key and the computer hardware information to the server, and receives the license, which is saved on the computer. The license is created for the specific computer and contains information about the activated hardware. On each start, the application checks if its license matches the computer it is running on.

The license request and response are always encrypted to protect the user confidential data. The received license file is kept at the computer in an incrypted form too. The license is decrypted only inside the application, during the checking process.

If the activation succeeds (the product key is correct), the dialog shows that the application is activated:


The application is successfully activated

If the application cannot be activated on this computer, the dialog shows an error message.

Successfully activated application shows the license information at the bottom of About dialog: Help ‣ About. The user full name and the activation date are shown.


About dialog shows the license information

12.2. Offline activation

There is a number of cases when software cannot be activated directly by Internet. It may be just an absence of Internet connection or security issues.

Fresh Memory can be activated in offline mode, without Internet. However, you will need another Internet-connected computer, from which the activation can be done. It is not needed to install anything on the other computer, the activation will be done via a web browser. It can be done even in an Internet cafe or with a smart phone.

The offline activation is easy, only a few steps to do:

  1. In the Activation dialog: enter your product key and click Activate offline button.
  2. The application will give you a file: it is the license request file. Save it.
  3. Copy the saved file to an Internet-connected computer (e. g. with a flash disk)
  4. Go to Fresh Memory offline page.
  5. Click Choose file button and choose your saved request file. Press Submit button.
  6. The website will generate the license file for you. Copy the license file back to your computer, where you want to activate Fresh Memory.
  7. In the activation dialog: click Install license button and choose the received license file.

12.3. FAQ

1. I have re-installed my operating system. How can I activate Fresh Memory again?

Fresh Memory can be activated many times on the same computer. The license does not depend on the installed operating system, it uses only the hardware information of the computer. First, install again the same version of Fresh Memory that you bought. There are two ways how to re-activate the fresh installation:

  • Just enter your product key and click Activate online button. It will contact the server and get the license.
  • If you have saved a (backup) copy of the license file, you can re-install it. Click Install license button and choose your file.

2. Is it possible to backup my license?

Yes, you can manually save a copy of the license file. Find it at this path:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application data\freshmemory\license.bin
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\freshmemory\license.bin
  • Linux: ~/.config/freshmemory/license.bin

Later you can re-install the license by clicking Install license button in the Activation dialog.

Remember that the license is valid for only the activated computer. Fresh Memory will not start on another, not activated, computer.

3. Can I use Fresh Memory on two different computers with one license?

No, each activated computer requires its own license. Please buy a second license. From the technical point of view, it is not possible to check if Fresh Memory on a second computer is actually used by you or your friend, neighbor, etc.

An additional license can be bought with 20% discount. After all, price of Fresh Memory is low. Please contact me by email, if you have an exceptional case and need a bigger discount.

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