Fresh Memory
Versions: 1.5 | 1.4 | 1.3 | 1.2 | 1.1

10. Dictionary and study files

10.1. Study files

The information about repeated cards is stored in a separate study file. It is a file beside the dictionary file, with the same name, but different extension: fms. The dictionary file itself always stays clean from any user-specific data, thus it is always ready to share with other people. Note that the study file must be always in the same directory as the dictionary. If the dictionary file is moved to another place without the study file, the application will not be able to find the study data, and will consider all cards as new.

Portability. It is possible to continue working with your dictionaries on different computers and even operating systems. For that purpose, the dictionary and study files must be carried over to another computer. The dictionary files can be put to any place as long as its study file is copied together in the same directory.

10.2. Export and import

It is possible to export a dictionary to a CSV text file to further work with it in another program. As well it is easy to import ready-made dictionaries from CSV files (which were created in another program or just a text editor).

Export the dictionary with File ‣ Export to CSV command.

Import a dictionary with File ‣ Import from CSV command.

11. Software requirements

Actively supported operating systems are Linux and Windows. The application can also be compiled for MacOS (UI uses Qt framework).

The application is tested on Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7.

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