Fresh Memory
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5. Browsing cards

5.1. Card preview

New in version 1.2.0.

The main Dictionary view, where the records are edited, doesn’t give enough impression how the cards would look in the study mode. Next to the main view, there is Card preview pane (at the left side by default). It shows the final look of the selected record.


Browsing a card with Card preview

The preview takes into account the current card pack, selected at the Card packs pane (above the Preview). In the example, the current pack is “English - Chinese, Pinyin”, therefore the corresponsing fields are displayed in the preview in the specified order. Selecting another card pack will show how the card looks for that pack.

Here is another example, where the Preview pane clearly shows the selected card with correct fonts and colors, defined by the field styles:


Card Preview shows field styles

5.2. Word drill

In order to look all cards one-by-one in randmon order, Fresh Memory has Word drill mode. It shows all cards of the current card pack in a separate window exactly as they look during study. You can use this mode to preview all available cards and get familiar with them. Think about it as the classic random browsing of cards.

Start browsing with Tools ‣ Word drill Word drill icon (shortcut F5). This will open a study window shown below.


Word drill

The top of the study view has the card pack name (“English - Russian”). It describes what fields are used in this card pack.

The upper part of the card is the question, the lower is the answer. Pressing Next button shows the next card (shortcut Space or Enter). The cards are shown in random order.


The random order of shown cards can be switched off in Options ‣ Study settings. Uncheck the Show cards randomly checkbox.

The number of the current card and the total number of all cards in the dictionary is shown under the answer. These numbers are illustrated also graphically with the progress bar.

It is possible to return to the previous card by pressing the Back button (shortcut ). You can return back in the history as many cards as you like. To go forward in the history, press the Forward button (shortcut ). In the history mode, the number of the current card is shown as normal, and the number of the last seen card is shown in parenthesis (), see figure below.


Browsing history

Pressing the Next button always shows the next new card, and the history mode is canceled.

When all cards in the dictionary are shown, the same cards will go on to the second round. This will be indicated with the Cycle icon icon and number of the cycle.


Browsing in the second cycle

By default, both the question and the answer are shown. When the Show answers checkbox is unchecked (shortcut S), only the question part is shown first. The user must press the Show answer button (A) to open the answer.

The Word drill mode doesn’t change the user’s study history. The user can browse cards with Word drill, and it will not affect the study with Spaced repetition.

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