Fresh Memory
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10. Study settings

The scheduling algorithm shows cards according to the following principles:

  • New and scheduled cards are mixed together and shown randomly.
  • In order to scatter more the scheduled cards in time, the repetition interval is randomly adjusted by a small value. This prevents scheduling similar cards in exactly the same order as they were repeated.
  • Cards studied in one day are limited. The application shows a warning, when this limit is reached. The user may continue studying more cards after this warning.
  • New cards introduced in one day are limited in order not to burden the user too much. When this limit is reached, only the scheduled cards are shown.

Certain parameters of the scheduling algorithm can be changed in Options ‣ Study settings. See figure below.


Study settings

The parameters are the following:

New in version 1.4.1: Added “Don’t add new cards after scheduled cards threshold” parameter.

New in version 1.2.0: Added “Day starts at” parameter.

Study parameters
Parameter Default value Description
Day starts at, o’clock 3 At what time a new day starts to correctly count today’s reviewed cards and shceduled cards for today.
Share of new cards 20% The share of new cards to show in comparison to all shown cards.
Repetition interval randomness ± 10% How much the repetition interval can be randomly adjusted by the algorithm. In percents of the absolute value of the interval.
Add new cards in random order yes Controls if new cards are taken in random order or in the same order as they appear in the dictionary.
Day reviews limit 80 How many card reviews should be done per day. Just shows a warning, when this limit is reached.
Day limit of new cards 10 Maximum number of new cards shown per day. When this number is reached, only scheduled cards are shown.
Don’t add new cards after scheduled cards threshold 70 New cards will not be added, if scheduled cards for today are too many. After this threshold is reached, new cards will not be shown.

11. Language of user interface

By default, Fresh Memory uses the default language of the operating system (the system locale).

The following translations are available: Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.

New in version 1.3.0: Language can be selected manually.

It is possible to manually change the language in Language icon Options ‣ Language menu. The application must be restarted to use the changed language.

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