Fresh Memory


Fresh Memory is now free

24 Jun 2018

Fresh Memory is now released as a completely free application with full functionality. It uses GPL 3 license. Version 1.5.0 is exactly the same as 1.4.5, but without activation.

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Version 1.4.5 released

18 Apr 2017

Version 1.4.5 is released. This is a minor release, which fixes several bugs.


Version 1.4.4 released

03 Apr 2017

Version 1.4.4 is released. This is a minor release containing security updates.


Version 1.4.3 released

11 Jun 2016

Version 1.4.3 is released: both commercial and Lite. This is a minor update containing one Windows-specific bug fix. This version is released only on Windows platform. Linux latest version is 1.4.2.


  • Bug fix for Windows 7 and 10, displaying error message: "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows"."

Version 1.4.2 released

09 Nov 2015

Version 1.4.2 is released. This is a minor update, which contains bug fixes and translation updates.

Both full version and Lite were updated.


Free version 1.4.1 released

29 Oct 2015

Fresh Memory Lite 1.4.1 is released. It is free and licensed with GPL 3.

The free version doesn't have several features in comparison with the commercial version. The removed features are:

  • Card statistics view
  • Preview of cards
  • Exact answer mode in study
  • Export to CSV file

Version 1.4.1 released

27 Oct 2015

Version 1.4.1 is released. This is a minor update with bug fixes and small improvements.

Major changes are:

  • Don't add new cards, if there are too many scheduled cards for today. Add this number as a configurable study setting.
  • Autosave study file each 3 minutes.
  • Windows platform: Improve the grade buttons in Spaced repetition window

Free version 1.4.0 is released

12 Oct 2015

Free version 1.4.0 is released. It has open source and uses GPL 3 license.

The free version doesn't have several features in comparison with the commercial version. The removed features are:

  • Card statistics view
  • Preview of cards
  • Exact answer mode in study
  • Export to CSV file

Version 1.4.0 released

06 Oct 2015

Version 1.4.0 is released. There are several new features that makes Fresh Memory even better.

Major changes are:

  • Added "Exact answer" mode. Now the user can enter his/her answer before seeing the correct one.
  • New look of the grade buttons in Spaced repetition window.
  • Introduced learning steps for new cards, which are shown now 3 times before scheduling for the next day.
  • New look of the study progress bar
  • New statistic page "Study progress".
  • Now the example dictionaries are available online.
  • Online documentation describes used Spaced repetition algorithm in detail

Changes in activation:

  • One commercial license allows installation on 3 computers
  • Trial version uses a Product Key, which is available at the web site.

Development note

21 Aug 2015

I am going to make a change to the study algorithm (Spaced Repetition).

The current implementation repeats incorrectly answered cards (grades 0 and 1) after several cards. The incorrect cards don't get the real time intervals. Instead, grade 0 card ("Totally unknown") are repeated after 7 cards, and grade 1 ("Incorrect") are repeated after 15 cards.

However, it is better to use short time intervals instead of certain number of cards. I will set the intervals of 15 and 30 seconds for 0 and 1-grade cards correspondingly. It fits better to the theory of short-term memory. The short-term memory has a limited duration of 10-20 seconds. A new, unknown card is often forgotten after reviewing other 7 cards (which can be new as well) - it takes far more than 20 seconds.

Version 1.3.0 released

25 May 2015

Version 1.3.0 is ready. Its main addition is the Statistics window for numbers of studied and scheduled cards. Now it is easier to follow the personal progress.

Also you can try this application for free during 30 days. Full functionality is available during the trial period.

Added new translation: German.


Version 1.2.0 released

20 Oct 2014

Release 1.2.0 is ready. This version features live cards preview and extended support for images. The image thumbnails are now displayed right in the dictionary view. It is possible to add images with graphical interface. Added new translations: French and Spanish. See full changelog in Downloads section.


Documentation style changed

06 Oct 2014

On-line documentation style is improved.

New web site

20 Feb 2014

Fresh Memory now has a new web site at The web site includes full on-line documentation for end users.

Version 1.1.1 released

20 Oct 2012

Free version. Maintenance release 1.1.1.


Version 1.1 released

18 Oct 2012

Next release 1.1 is ready. Now it is possible to edit cards from the study window and undo dictionary modifications.


Version 1.0.2 released

21 Mar 2012

Maintenance release 1.0.2 is ready. It contains one crash fix and several small improvements.


Version 1.0.1 released

01 Mar 2012

Maintenance release 1.0.1 is ready. It contains several small bug fixes and improvements. Added Czech, Finnish and Ukrainian translations.


Version 1.0 released

09 Feb 2012

The version 1.0 is ready. Meet new amazing features and keep your memory fresh!


Version 0.4 (final) released

15 Dec 2008

The final 0.4 version is ready. In comparison with the beta, the final version contains fixes to a couple of minor bugs. It doesn't add any new features or concepts. All core functionality was introduced in 0.4-alpha. Enjoy!


Version 0.4-beta released

02 Dec 2008

Fresh Memory 0.4-beta arrived. A really big amount of bugs were fixed. The main goal of this release is to stabilize and improve the usability.

The final 0.4 release is expected around 15 Dec. It will not have major changes anymore. That version will include only critical bug fixes if they are found.


Version 0.4-alpha released

19 Nov 2008

Alpha release of 0.4 Fresh Memory is out! The new features are the spaced repetition (based on SM2 algorithm) and support of multifield cards.

Alpha release means the functionality is totally implemented, but it can still include major bugs or GUI inconsistencies.


Version 0.3 released

05 Dec 2007

This is the next major release.

Many features related to GUI were added. The dictionary file format was changed to an XML-based one. Now CSV-files can be imported or exported using the convenient and feature-rich interface. The flashcards got the third field: "Example".


The web-site is ready

16 Sep 2007

At last the minimalist web-page was changed to a real web-site. It contains a lot of useful information about installation and usage of Fresh Memory. Check it once in a while for future updates.

Version 0.2: Linux binary

09 Sep 2007

Fresh Memory 0.2 binaries for Linux are available. Both i386 and AMD64 platforms are supported, choose appropriate package.


  • QT <= 4.2
  • Standard C++ libraries

Version 0.2: Windows binary

09 Sep 2007

Fresh Memory binary for 32-bit Windows is available. The package contains all necessary dll's for running the application.

Three archive types are available:

  • zip
  • 7zip
  • exe (self-extracting archive)

Alternative archives without QT libraries are also available.

Version 0.2 released

09 Sep 2007

This is a major release.

Added many features relating to dictionary editing, implemented the Find dialog. A lot of bugs were fixed.

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Version 0.1 released

23 Aug 2007

This is the first release of Fresh Memory. All basic features are already implemented:

  • Creating, loading, editing, saving dictionaries
  • Flash card test

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